I am Deborah Capaccio and I too struggled with yo-yo dieting for years and a binge-eating disorder.

I came upon a diet and exercise program that worked for me, but realized that was only a small part of the solution. I then began a journey of self-discovery. I invested massive amounts of time and effort into self-help and therapy and started to live my life completely differently and it improved (keeps improving) drastically. What I didn’t realize was that I was undergoing an identity shift. 

In 2.5 years I have gone from feeling unfit, dull, overweight, feeling fat and lazy, discouraged, a failure, out of control, unattractive, exhausted, not living up to my potential...

...to being fit, in control, energetic, sexy, successful in career and relationships and definitely living up to my potential. I got my sparkle back. 

I hit rock bottom in my late 40’s.

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