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If you too are suffering from the pain of being stuck in the yo-yo-diet cycle from hell, we get it. No woman should feel like a failure because she decided to place trust in a faulty product. We can help. Don’t wait.



You deserve to feel sexy, be cherished and enjoy lasting inner peace. 

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Taking you from feeling fat and lazy to being fit and energetic.

Do I need to diet and exercise if this is about my mind?

Yes. The I AM A FIT PERSON: BRAIN FIRST, BODY SECOND workshop has a focus on shifting our identities and beliefs about ourselves, but this is not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise program. If you already have a program/routine you love, great! If not, we will help set you up with one that is best suited for your goals and lifestyle. Our only requirements of a program is that it provides balanced whole nutrition, and the exercise portion promotes overall health. 

Are you a psychologist?

I am not. I have a College Degree in Psychology, but I am not a Clinical Psychologist. My strategies I lay out in the I AM A FIT PERSON: BRAIN FIRST, BODY SECOND workshop are derived from my own training in psychology,  years of research I compiled from my own clients and experts in the field of mindset work. I always encourage my clients to engage in therapy as an adjunct to our program. I have been going weekly for 2 years and it has benefited me immensely. I am a registered Physical Therapist however, and I am able to prescribe healthy exercise programs for you!. 

How much weight will I lose?

I don’t know. And any program that guarantees a random number of pounds you will lose, probably isn’t one you want to sign up for. Our program teaches you the mindset shifts and habits necessary to transform into a FIT PERSON. The weight loss will naturally follow. We can definitely discuss a ball-park goal weight for you to strive for. But the program’s focus will be on maintaining this weight by acting in accordance with this new FIT PERSON identity.

What does a Fit Person look like? 

They look like the absolute best version of themselves in body and mind. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are sparkling, confident, energetic, positive, compassionate, sexy, in optimal physical health and are excited about their future. They are imperfect and life isn’t always roses for them-not at all. But they are always striving for better and have the tools to get back up quickly when they fall down. They inspire others, they are excellent role models for their children and are much better partners, parents, co-workers and friends. 

Will I really achieve this in 8 weeks?

You will be well on your way. Our transformational workshop I AM A FIT PERSON: BRAIN FIRST, BODY SECOND is your easy to follow guidebook. This is an ongoing process that we continue to work on. At 8 weeks, you aren’t finished your journey, you are just beginning a really exciting one. 

Why should I listen to your advice, are you a certified Wellness Coach?

Yes, I am! But additionally, I have suffered from the pain of being unable to lose weight and keep it off myself and developed a binge-eating disorder. Through my own hard work over the last 3 years or so, I have managed to transform from miserable to my best. It has become my passion to share my solutions with as many women suffering, as possible. I coach through a lens of compassion, empathy and just the right amount of toughness to help you achieve any goal you set. I am also a Certified High Performance Coach from the High Performance Institute.

Can I do parts of your program and use my own tools as well? 

As a rule, it is best to follow the program I AM A FIT PERSON: BRAIN FIRST, BODY SECOND exactly how it is written. I promise you, I have researched all options for achieving optimal fitness in body and mind, and I have pared it down for you. However, I always recommend seeking help from a therapist too. 

Who will likely get the best results ? 

Anyone who is ready to be finished suffering the pain of yo-yo dieting, wants to feel good in their skin for good, is ready to get to work and is COACHABLE. Being coachable is one of the best skills I adopted early on in my journey. Basically it means deciding to trust someone who has what you want, listening to their advice on how to get it, and then following through on the exact steps they tell you to take. It isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it and delivers winning results every time. 

Who is this program not for?

Anyone looking for a quick fix, “lose 10lbs in 2 weeks” sort of thing. We have all been there done that with fad diets and gimmicks. None of them work. Anyone who is not fully invested in lasting change and is half-in-half out. We are looking for women who are ready to go all in and get the best results they have been searching for. 

Ok, sounds good but what if I’m not ready? 

Can I leave you with one last thing to consider? The pain and consequences of not getting your weight under control NOW, will only compound over time. As we age, it gets harder and harder to get a hold of this as we dig ourselves a deeper hole each year. Health risks get higher and our self-worth gets lower. We encourage you to book a breakthrough call whether you feel ready or not and we can chat about where you are at and see if we can’t come up with a plan for you. 

"I had gained weight over the years after 25 surgeries from a car accident in my 20's. I have since lost 30 pounds with Deborah as my coach. Her support is uplifting and has helped me immensely. I’ve adapted to eating well all the time, almost two years in. I’m almost 50 years old. I still can't believe this is me. I have my sparkle back!"

- Julie -

Age 49

"Before I started working with Deborah I was overweight, depressed and felt hopeless."

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